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The snow has melted and I’ve been taking bone inventory in the backyard.  I’ve got to say, Sammie feeds me well and keeps me in good supply of bones.  I love chewing on them.  I can work out a lot of my frustrations chewing on a bone.  That is what is wrong with the human race – they need to chew on bones.  Well, that might be a little weird.   Maybe some beef jerky.  Anyway, bone chewing is definitely a stress reliever for me.  Not that I have any stress in my life, but when you live with someone, eventually something they do is going to piss you off.

I found five bones that I haven’t seen since before Christmas.  I examined them and decided that they should be put to rest.  I dug a big hole in the woods and buried them with some leaves scattered on top.  Of course, I made sure Sammie didn’t see me doing this.  I want her to think I couldn’t find any and then she’ll go out and get me some new ones.  There is always a method to my madness.  And they say humans are smarter than canines.  HA!