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I’m a firm believer in the five second rule.  When something hits the floor, I’m on it in a flash because keeping the floor clean is one of my many jobs.  I think I might have to rethink this though.  Yesterday, Hun and I went up to see Granny and Gramps again.  Hun was outside doing yard work and I was in my usual spot under the kitchen table.  I just had a pancake, and was about to drift off for my mid-morning nap, when something hit the floor.  I didn’t get a good look at it because my eyes were half closed, but I figured it had to be something tasty.  I stuck out my tongue and licked it right up.  That’s when the “you–know-what” hit the fan.  Granny and Gramps had quite a loud discussion over whether or not to tell Hun and Sammie I just ate one of Gramps’ blood thinner pills.  Granny won out, and not a word was said to Hun.  Later that night at home, the phone rang and since Sammie was the closest to the phone, she answered it.  Unfortunately, Gramps decided to break down and spill the beans.  When Sammie got off the phone, the look she shot Hun made him wince.  Personally, I was waiting for her head to spin around.  Of course, she immediately called the twenty-four hour doggie hospital.  The Vet said as long as I didn’t cut myself, I’d be fine.  I guess I better start looking before I leap.  Oops!