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I have concluded over the last few weeks that there's nothing good to watch on TV in the summer.  What’s up with that?  Sammie has terrible taste in TV shows to begin with, but during the summer, it’s painful to have to sit through some of her choices of entertainment.  If I have to listen to the Orange County Housewives screech at each other one more time, I’m going to bark my head off.  And Webster’s Dictionary calls me a bitch – PLEASE.  Last night, she made me watch this horror flick Out of Africa.  I think she thought it was a romance.  The movie had giant scary cats and some very large gray animals with horns sticking out of their faces.  I hope they don’t show up in my backyard.  I can handle a rabbit or two, chipmunks are no problem, but those dudes are out of my league.  Needless to say, I had nightmares.  Don’t they have any good dog shows on in the summer?  When Hun is home I get to watch a much higher caliber of television.  He and I prefer shows like The Deadliest Catch, Amazing Yachts, and American Pickers.

Sammie has a golf tournament on right now.  I don’t mind golf so much because the announcers talk in whispers and I can get a good nap in.             

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Love the blog Lucy.
I also enjoyed the book fish Perfume. Being around tourists and Fisherman I totally get how challenging it could be to run a Marina. what a great job Meggie does.

I have a friend heayah in Maine who has a blog too. His owner is also an author, writes humah. Thought you may enjoy it.

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