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Yesterday, I had a ball.  Sammie’s niece (my human cousin) was in an ice skating show, requiring Sammie’s attendance.  Of course, I got dumped at my aunt’s house because canines are discriminated against at ice rinks, but I did get a nice nap in.  After the show is when the fun began.  Everyone came back to the house and there were a lot of young kids.  Young kids love me, plus they are sloppy eaters and drop tasty nibbles on the floor for me to enjoy.  Needless to say, because I’m so adorable I got so many pets and belly rubs, I was like a wet noodle by the end of the night.  Unfortunately, I’m shedding like a machine and my poor aunt will have a lot of dog hair to suck up today.  Her carpet looked like it was wearing a toupee by the time we left.