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Hun goes to see his parents a lot when he’s home.  He always takes me with him and I do my pet therapy thing.  They love getting attention from me.  Well, who doesn’t, right?  Granny and Gramps always sit at the kitchen table and I position myself under it right between the two of them.  Granny says they’re older than dirt and they are entitled to eat whatever they want.  Sounds good to me.

Granny is quite the cook.  Not many people can cook like she does.  She only uses one pan, the frying pan.  Everything gets cooked in it – bacon, sausage, hot dogs, Spam, you name it.  I don’t know what Spam is, but it’s really tasty.  She pulls all kinds of stuff out of the fridge, and BAM, it goes in the frying pan. She says she was BAMMING way before that Chef Emeril was even born.  Lucky for me, old people drop stuff as much as little kids, and a lot of good foods hits the floor.  Most of the time though, I think it's on purpose.  They like to spoil me.  Gramps especially does, he also gives me half of whatever is on his plate.  He’s a sweetie! 

Hun also sneaks a piece of bacon or sausage when we’re up there.  Sammie only cooks him bacon and eggs on his birthday.  Poor Hun!