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Sammie has a lot of gardens.  One of the first things she made clear when I came to live with her, was under no circumstances, was I allowed to stick one paw in amongst her posies.  It’s not just me, she doesn’t want any cats, rabbits, deer or any other animal eating, pooping or taking naps any where near her gardens.  A few times a day she kicks me out back to go on patrol.  I’m happy to earn my keep around here, so I happily get to work.  I caught a rabbit one day, nibbling on some pansies in her herb garden.  I had it in my mouth, when Sammie opened the back door and started screaming like a banshee.  Needless to say, I released the rabbit and he got to live to eat the rest of her garden another day.  Sammie needs to be a little clearer about what my patrol duties entail.