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I was taking inventory of my girlie parts yesterday and I was horrified when I noticed some gray hairs.  I said to myself – “What the hell!”  I’m way too young for this to be happening.  What if my boyfriend Deebee sees it?  I told you he’s already sniffing around that labradoodle hussy.  Sammie took notice of it also when she was giving me a belly rub last night.  She was rather upset and said to Hun, “Lucy is going gray, I’ll have to get her hair dyed.” 

Hun lowered the newspaper he was reading to look at Sammie.  He said, “You decide.  It’s either you or her.  I’m not paying for both of you.”  He went back to reading his newspaper and my gray hair hasn’t been mentioned since.   Did I mention how great Sammie’s hair looks?  Sometimes it’s all about her.

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C'mon, Lucy, Sammie isn't old enough to be turning grey yet.  I saw her recently, and I swear she could pass for fifty!