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I am a black lab. My humans call me Lucy.

Sammie Grace, the author of Fish Perfume, lives with me.
Here is the inside scoop on this goofy lady.

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It’s not what you think.  Get your minds out of the gutter people.

I know some people think I have a very cushy life, and I do.  No complaints here, but I do earn my keep.  Hun has a fishing boat and my job is to chase away all the seagulls, or as Hun calls them – sky rats.  When he’s filleting his catch the brazen seagulls will swoop down and grab a piece of fish right off the cutting board.  This is where I come in.  I get to chase them away and boy is it fun.  I guess as jobs go it is a pretty entertaining one.  Hun says my efforts are invaluable and I’m a very important crew member.

Here is a picture of me at work. 


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I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me for a while, but this summer has been nothing but crazy.  Sammie has had one houseguest after the other.  Of course, I’m the main draw.  They all really come to see me.  I haven’t broken this news to Sammie, and she hasn’t figured it out yet, so it will just be our secret.  Take this past week.  Sammie’s niece came to visit with her hubby and their three kids.  They come every summer and I’ve developed quite a good relationship with the kids.  The boys are nice but Claire, the four year old is my best buddy.  She follows me around, pets me and basically hugs the life out of me.  I just go with it and enjoy all the love coming my way.  It is the least I can do for my biggest fan.  I should get extra points though because I listened to her Disney Princess songs three times and danced with her.  They’re a fun bunch and the kids are my kind of kids – sloppy eaters – need I say more?

A few weeks back Sammie’s Philly girls she grew up with came for a week.  She calls them friends.  I call them the biotches.  The draw of the beauty of Rhode Island and the opportunity to get away from their families has them coming back every year.   I tend to hide when they’re around.  The decibel level in the house goes up about ten notches.  Between them all talking at once and the loud music, I am sure I’m going to need doggie hearing aids in my future.  Hun was out of town – smart man.  I was happy when that big van they come in pulled out of the driveway.  I’m sure the owner of the local liquor store was in tears though.

The best part of having all the company for me is I get to go to the doggie spa before they arrive.  Not that I need to look better.  Who can improve on perfection?   I must admit however, I love a good pampering.  We are talking bath, hair, nails and I even get a little massage.  I wish Sammie had company all year round just for the spa days alone. 

I know everyone is sad summer is winding down, but I’m looking forward to the cooler weather.  It is tough having a fur coat in the heat. 

Stay cool people!

This is my friend Claire in the pool.  She's an awesome swimmer.




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I have concluded over the last few weeks that there's nothing good to watch on TV in the summer.  What’s up with that?  Sammie has terrible taste in TV shows to begin with, but during the summer, it’s painful to have to sit through some of her choices of entertainment.  If I have to listen to the Orange County Housewives screech at each other one more time, I’m going to bark my head off.  And Webster’s Dictionary calls me a bitch – PLEASE.  Last night, she made me watch this horror flick Out of Africa.  I think she thought it was a romance.  The movie had giant scary cats and some very large gray animals with horns sticking out of their faces.  I hope they don’t show up in my backyard.  I can handle a rabbit or two, chipmunks are no problem, but those dudes are out of my league.  Needless to say, I had nightmares.  Don’t they have any good dog shows on in the summer?  When Hun is home I get to watch a much higher caliber of television.  He and I prefer shows like The Deadliest Catch, Amazing Yachts, and American Pickers.

Sammie has a golf tournament on right now.  I don’t mind golf so much because the announcers talk in whispers and I can get a good nap in.             

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Sammie has a lot of gardens.  One of the first things she made clear when I came to live with her, was under no circumstances, was I allowed to stick one paw in amongst her posies.  It’s not just me, she doesn’t want any cats, rabbits, deer or any other animal eating, pooping or taking naps any where near her gardens.  A few times a day she kicks me out back to go on patrol.  I’m happy to earn my keep around here, so I happily get to work.  I caught a rabbit one day, nibbling on some pansies in her herb garden.  I had it in my mouth, when Sammie opened the back door and started screaming like a banshee.  Needless to say, I released the rabbit and he got to live to eat the rest of her garden another day.  Sammie needs to be a little clearer about what my patrol duties entail.

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Swimming this morning with my son Guinness at Worden Pond.  I'm the one on the left with the red ball in my mouth.  They don't call me a retriever for nothing.  Fun, fun, fun!

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Although I wasn't in favor of the kitchen makeover, I was very pleased with my new granite table.  They don't call me Top Dog for nothing.

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We’re going through yet another household renovation.  This time the kitchen is getting a makeover.  Why you ask?  I don’t have a clue.  Hun and I thought it looked fine, but Sammie said it was dated, and we needed to keep up with the times.  She wanted granite counters.  Like we don’t have enough rocks in the back yard, now she wants rocks in the kitchen.  Poor Hun wanted to get some new electronics for the boat, and I was rooting for a new truck for Hun and I.  Hun’s truck is old and falling apart and I prefer a flashy ride.  I have an image to keep up after all.

Those contractors better leave my bowls alone.  RUFF!

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DUH – Because you are suppose to pet us – a lot.  I’m a pretty lucky girl, especially when Hun is home.  Have you seen his hands?  They’re as big as dinner plates and he can fit my whole head in one hand.  (See below picture).  Every night, I plop myself down on the floor right next to his leg, and I’m in nirvana for at least a half hour.  Sometimes, there is moaning and drooling involved.  Sammie pets me too, but she isn’t as good as Hun.  Don’t tell her I said that.

 Give your pets some love people!

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Most people think of Hump Day as Wednesday.  Gulliver, next door, thinks every day is Hump Day, if you know what I mean.  I know I’m irresistible and a total man magnet, but where is the romance, I ask you?  What kind of girl does he think I am?  It’s time to cut this boy loose.  Thank God his owners are putting in invisible fencing.  Fantasy is so much better than reality.  I guess that’s why Sammie writes those books of hers.


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We have new neighbors and one in particular has caught my eye.  His name is Gulliver and he’s a Bernese Mountain Dog.  I’d travel with him anytime.  He’s definitely a ten on my Hot Dog Scale.  I’ve been fantasizing about walks on the beach, rolls in the grass, runs through the woods.  Deebee who?  I’m such a girl!