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Sammie and I were out for our morning walk the other day when this crazy dog came racing down the street towards us.  I wasn’t afraid because hey, I can take care of myself.  Sammie, however, was freaking out.  The dog was a little smaller than me and I don’t think she was very old because she still had a lot of puppy in her.  I think she was of the mutt variety.  Her coat was black and white and she sported a pink collar.  We walk in that neighborhood all the time, but we’d never seen this dog before.  She started jumping all over me and finally Sammie let me off the leash so I could get in her face a little.  Sammie kept telling her to go home, but no dice.  Sammie even went so far as to flag down passing cars and asked people if they knew where the dog came from.  Unfortunately, they had never seen her before either.  By this time, both Sammie and I decided that the dog wouldn’t hurt a fly, and we felt comfortable with her walking with us.  She was a happy little thing.  She just wanted to play and have fun.  A party girl for sure.  Reminds me of me. 

She followed us into our neighborhood.  We stopped by my son’s house on the way home, and after much conversation between his family and Sammie, they decided they had to call the pound.  If the dog had a tag, they could have just called the owner.  

Sammie didn’t want to leave the dog loose because she was afraid it would get hit by a car or eaten by those nasty coyotes we see once in awhile in our backyard.

Don’t forget, if you want to hang on to your perfect pooch, make sure you get a tag for his/her collar or have a microchip implanted in your pet.  Of course, I have both.      

The good news is, Sammie just called the pound, and the family came and got her.   YEAH!