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Hi, I’m Lucy and this is my first blog post ever. I’m a five year old gorgeous black lab. I know that sounds like I’m being full of myself, but I really am quite good looking. I’m petite for a lab and I’m known for my very shiny black coat. My human, Sammie, got me from a breeder in Connecticut. I lived in Connecticut for two years and during my time at the farm I had a litter of pups. Once all my pups went to their new homes, I lucked out and got to go home to Rhode Island with Sammie.

Living with Sammie and her husband is very interesting. He travels a lot for work (well, someone has to keep me in treats), so I spend most of my time with her. She’s kind of goofy, but I’ve come to love her. She does get a little mad when her husband comes home though, because I tend to dump her and follow him around. What can I say - the guy has a boat.

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Re: I Want My Life Back

I hope you get your life back, Lucy.