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I find it fascinating that some humans just talk, talk, and talk about absolutely nothing of importance.  You don’t hear me barking for nothing.  If I spot a squirrel or a cat in the backyard, I let out a good bark, but that is to be expected.  After all, I need to let them know who’s the boss around here.

Even though Sammie and I are both girls, I really have more in common with Hun.  You see, Sammie talks a lot to me and to Hun but most of what she’s saying is insignificant to us.  In other words, we mostly tune her out.  Hun says that Sammie knows things that no one really needs to know. There are certain things she says that our subconscious is programmed to pick up however.  Important things like, “Are you hungry?”  “Time for dinner.”  “How about a treat?”  The five words that perk up Hun the most are, “How about some ice cream?”  Of course, that doesn’t happen much anymore since Sammie declared the house a NO DESSERT ZONE.  Hun’s niece was visiting last weekend and sneaked him a few brownies.  Hun instantly promoted her to favorite relative status.